Frequently Asked Questions

To make an appointment, or for any other enquiries please call Nigel's rooms: 03 9471 1268 and speak with either Christina or Joyce. You can also send us an online enquiry. Remember to bring your referral letter from your GP or existing specialist along with you to your appointment. Without a current referral letter, you will be unable to claim back your Medicare rebate from your appointment fee.

NO. Irrespective of what kind of surgery you have had performed or how long you stay in hospital you will need someone to drive you home.

YES. If you have day-case surgery, you should have someone stay with or be with you overnight. If you have surgery that requires you spending time in hospital you will need support when you go home. It would be advisable to prepare and freeze some meals. Remove all loose carpets, and mats or tape them down along with cords, keep items you use commonly within easy reach. Your partner, family, friends, neighbours may need to help you out with shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry, and driving you to appointments. If you live alone and have minimal support, the physiotherapists will make sure you have all the necessary equipment to go home with. There are also excellent organisations in the community who may also be able to help you initially.

Yes, you can. To refer a patient, complete and submit our patient referral form.

Nigel consults at his main rooms, Suite 4 La Trobe Private Hospital every Monday, and every Wednesday afternoon.

Nigel consults at SportsMedBiologic, Box Hill 3 Thursday mornings / month.

Nigel consults at Macedon Health, 1 Thursday morning / month.

Nigel consults at Blackburn Specialist Suites and Bounce Physiotherapy, Blackburn, every alternate Thursday afternoon.

Please call Nigel's main rooms: 03 9471 1268 for ALL appointment enquiries.

Nigel also consults at Alexandra District Hospital, Alexandra. For appointments here you will need to contact the hospital directly: 03 5772 0900

Surgery is a big undertaking irrespective of what operation is performed. Nigel believes in providing you with as much information as possible. This will be done in terms of verbal consent, and an information pack being given to you. You will have opportunities to ask as many questions as you wish. No question is too small or unimportant. You must be happy, and you must be fully aware of the risks and the benefits of the surgery. Once this has been done, Nigel will ask you to sign a form giving your consent for the operation being performed.

Nigel operates at one of three private hospitals and will try to accommodate you at the hospital closest to where you live, however there will be occasions where due to a number of factors you may be better suited to one of the other hospitals.

Once you have signed the consent form, Nigel will let Christina or Joyce run through the booking process and give you more forms which you can take away to fill out. Again if you have any questions at any stage please feel free to ask them. 

Your fee for the initial consultation will be $170. Medicare will rebate $72.75 so your out-of-pocket will be $97.25.

Your fee for the follow-up consultation will be $80. Medicare will rebate $36.55 so your out-of-pocket will be $43.45.

We are able to process the Medicare rebate automatically.

If you have had surgery there will be no out of pocket fees charged for the first 6 weeks following surgery.

ALL accounts need to be settled on the day.

Nigel does charge a small gap fee for surgery. If surgery is required the small fee will be discussed with you. You may have to pay fees on top of what Medicare or your insurance company will rebate you for other services which Nigel has no control of such as radiology, blood tests, assistants fees, anaesthetist fees, and hospital fees.

If you have insurance, we suggest you get in touch with your insurance company to see what they will and will not rebate you for.

If you do not have insurance, Nigel’s secretaries Christina and Joyce will be more than happy to provide a quote for you so that you are able to assess what costs will be incurred. Please note that if you do not have insurance you will be required to pay for surgery prior to the surgery being undertaken.

It is important that you bring your Medicare card, insurance number, referral letter, medication list, any x-rays, and any other imaging with you regarding your knee condition. Sometimes x-rays or other imaging are put onto a CD. If you are a work-cover, or TAC patient please remember to provide your claim number.

Nigel also recommends bringing a support person so they can provide additional comments, ask questions, and will also provide you with support when deciding on treatment.

Please present yourself to the front desk. Suite 4 is located at the rear left of the hospital. Please follow the signs. Christina or Joyce will welcome you to clinic. If it is your first appointment you will have to fill out paperwork and may be asked to fill in a questionnaire/s.

At SportsMedBiologic, Blackburn Specialist Suites, Bounce Physiotherapy, or Macedon Health please present to reception. If it is your first appointment you will have to fill out paperwork and may be asked to fill in a questionnaire/s.

Nigel does space his appointments so that he can spend as much time with you and also minimise how long you have to wait.

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La Trobe Private Hospital

La Trobe Private Hospital is located on the corner of Plenty Road and Kingsbury Drives in Bundoora. Entry is via Ring Road, which is off Kingsbury Drive. For patients who have difficulty walking, they can be dropped off at the front entrance of the hospital. We are located in Suite 4. Please follow the signs. Parking is provided for all patients at La Trobe Private Hospital. Please follow the signs for parking.

The bus stop is a short stroll. The buses that use this stop are: 240, 250, 360, 511, and 550.

The tram (86) stops outside La Trobe Private Hospital on Plenty Road at stop 61.

Blackburn Specialist Suites and Bounce Physiotherapy

Blackburn Specialist Suites and Bounce Physiotherapy, Blackburn are located at 195 Whitehorse Road, Blackburn, VIC 3130. Parking is available from Maple Street. Public transport can be either via bus 901, or 286. The Blackburn train station is approximately a 1 km walk.


SportsMedBiologic is located on the ground floor, 116-118 Thames Street in Box Hill. The clinic is located on the corner of Thames Street and Nelson Road in Box Hill. For patients who have difficulty walking, they can be dropped off at the front entrance of the clinic. Once in the building proceed to the front of the building. It is opposite the cafe. Ticketed parking is available via the entrance on Nelson Road in the Ekera Building. Time limited parking is available on the streets around the area.

  • The bus stop is a short stroll. The buses that use this stop are 281, 293, or 302.
  • Box Hill train station is approximately a 1 km walk.
  • The tram (102) stops at stop 57 on Whitehorse Road and then it is a 500m walk down Nelson Road.

Macedon Health

Macedon Health is located at 5 Neal Street, Gisborne, VIC 3437. 

Alexandra District Hospital

Alexandra District Hospital is located on Cooper Street, Alexandra, VIC 3714.

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